133. Fabulous Percussion Halfstock Sporting Rifle by Anton Escherich of Baltimore

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.43 cal., 36'' octagon barrel with a bright excellent bore. This is a highly embellished American rifle built by this well-regarded Baltimore maker who emigrated from Bavaria. Escherich's style very much reflects the region where he learned his trade with many deep relief panel scenes within the engraving. Very few American made arms exhibit the deep chiseling that is found on this rifle. The lockplate has a fancy free form shape and is engraved in full coverage with a relief oval panel scene depicting a walking dog. The lock is signed along the bottom profile ''A. Escherich. Baltimore'' in cursive script. The top of barrel, barrel breech and top tang all show lovely relief floral scroll with a deeply chiseled shell motif at junction of barrel and tang along with a deeply chiseled depiction of a Jaeger. The triggerguard shows a deep relief image of a stag while the patchbox has another depiction of a Jaeger carrying what appears to be a freshly dispatched fox. The buttplate tang shows full coverage relief scroll as does the triggerplate and there are wedges of scroll on each barrel flat at the muzzle. The rear sight is beautifully shaped in an arrow form, is windage and elevation adjustable and engraved with a relief scene of a boar. The condition of the rifle is nice with the barrel retaining a smooth pleasing even brown patina with all engraving remaining crisp. The lock and other metal surfaces all show a pleasing even smooth gray patina with crisp engraving and a lovely untouched look. The walnut stock shows fabulous figure and has a beautifully formed cheekpiece and checkered straight wrist with a silver monogram plate on left side of wrist engraved with the initials ''JAH'' with the ''A'' likely representing the surname. The condition of the stock is excellent with 95% original finish remaining overall and with wood-to-metal fit being excellent. The rifle is equipped with adjustable double set triggers and a brass tipped hickory ramrod. The rifle is sighted with a globe target front and the previously mentioned rear barrel sight, the top tang has an integral base for a tang sight which is no longer present. A very handsome and highly embellished American percussion sporting rifle with lots of European flair. (18937-220) {ANTIQUE} [Cletus Klein Collection] (3000/5000) Sold For 4887.50

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