1400. Special Order Winchester Model 1873 Lever Action Rifle

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serial #114964, 32-20 WCF, 30'' extra length octagon barrel with full magazine and a dark bore showing a few areas of good rifling. The special order features of this third model rifle include the extra length barrel and a single set trigger. The metal surfaces have toned to dark gray-brown patina overall showing some dents along the magazine tube, spots of light pitting and screw heads showing slot wear. The cartridge elevator is a nice ocher patina. The sliding dustcover is a more modern replacement and the markings are somewhat soft but still legible. The plain walnut stocks remain in fair-good condition showing some small chips along the edges, staining, dings and an ''R'' on the left side butt. The rifle is sighted with standard sporting rear sight and small German silver blade front. The magazine follower and spring are missing and the bolt does not fully cock the hammer when the action is worked, causing it to follow, but the hammer still holds when cocked manually and the set trigger seems to function appropriately. A salty long-barreled 1873 rifle suitable for above the mantel or restoration. (138853-15) {ANTIQUE} (800/1200) Sold For 1725.00

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