1415. German Percussion Target and Sporting Rifle by Wurfflein

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.38 cal, 30'' octagon Guss Stahl barrel with a bright excellent bore. The barrel is a plum brown maker finish with overall scattered very light remnants of oxidation speckling, turned for starter at the muzzle and with a nice geometric engraved silver inlay near the breech. There is a simple iron blade front sight with adjustable v-notch long-range rear sight graduated to 1000 m. The barrel top flat is marked ''D Wurfflein F?rth'' with ''Guss'' on the left diagonal flat and ''Stahl'' on the right diagonal flat, these inlaid in silver. The patent breech with large flared cap deflector has light scroll engraving on the bolster with loose open scroll down the tang and a very endearing decorative left diagonal flat flare. The tang has a windage and elevation adjustable diopter style sight (it is slightly bent that could easily be straightened). The hump-back lockplate and hammer each show excellent quality open flowing scroll of the finest quality, the left sideplate is identical, both being stepped, Wurfflein having engraved the owner's name in the sideplate ''F Schmidt''. The arm is stocked in European walnut with a lovely carved walnut Schuetzen triggerguard, miraculously uncracked with the years showing only a couple extremely minute chips. There is a lightly chiseled and engraved trigger plate extension and the same nice quality light scroll engraving on the extended tang of the short-nub Swiss-style buttplate. The stock rates very good with minor handling marks and a generous left-side cheekpiece, with two cracks from the breech toward the left sideplate, they could be arrested if one wished. There is a toeline sling stud, no provision for front swivel is present and the arm includes a later ramrod. Wurfflein was active in F?rth circa 1845-60. A quality made dual-purpose percussion sporting-target rifle with some very lovely engraving. (38937-301) {ANTIQUE} [Cletus Klein Collection] (800/1200) Sold For 1092.50

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