1456. U.S. Model FP-45 Liberator Pistol by G.M. Guide Lamp Division

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45 ACP, 4'' barrel with a near excellent bore showing scattered light traces of oxidation. The barrel has a smooth grind mark with a moderate amount of welding imperfections. The lightly cleaned metal surfaces show remnants of original corrosion resistant finish interspersed with pitting, light to moderate stains from oxidation and handling marks. The cocking knob rates about excellent with cavity mold number 2. There are no proof marks on the gun but the barrel is stamped with the number ''249''. This four-hole pistol has no crescent F breech mark, remains fully functional and the floorplate is missing. The trigger resets farther forward than other Liberators but does not seem to affect function. A solid example of a Liberator for your WWII collection. (86229-N2) {C&R} [Elliott Riggs Collection] (700/900) Sold For 862.50

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