1489. Scarce Portuguese Contract K98K Bolt Action Rifle by Mauser Oberndorf

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serial #G7302, 8mm Mauser, 24'' barrel with a very good bore that shows scattered light pitting and frosting but strong rifling. The metal surfaces of this 1941-dated rifle retain 90% Soviet refurbished blue with scattered fading along the edges of the barreled action. The laminated stock rates very good as-cleaned with the Russian shellac having been removed, scattered dings and handling marks. The barrel is original matching to the receiver, the stock was restamped to match by the Soviets, the triggerguard, floorplate and bolt parts are electropenciled matching. The other parts are mismatched or unnumbered and there is an IO Inc. import marking on the underside of the barrel. A very good Russian captured example of a desirable Mauser rifle. (208998-53) {C&R} (600/800) Sold For 632.50

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