149. Smith and Wesson 38/44 Outdoorsman ''McGivern Model'' Hand Ejector Revolver

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serial #46302, 38/44 S&W (38 Special), 5'' barrel with an excellent bore. This rare variation of the Outdoorsman was inspired by the master of ''Fast and Fancy Revolver Shooting'', Ed McGivern. They are factory fitted with a 5'' barrel and generally a McGivern bead front sight. This gun has received additional upgrades from King Gunsight Company and other professionals. It retains about 95% original blue finish with high edge wear, scattered light scratches, turn ring on the cylinder and minor pin prick pitting around the knuckle. The service trigger retains bold case-hardened colors with light operational wear and light staining from oxidation. The hammer started life as a King ''Cockeyed'' hammer that was cut and re-welded so the spur was straighter showing just a hint of list to the left. The case-hardened colors are slightly muted but remain strong overall except around the new weld and the weld puddle was not smoothed out. The revolver wears a set of unmarked smooth walnut aftermarket grips loosely configured after the style of Walter Roper that rate excellent but fit poorly leaving a 1/16'' gap the along front strap, tapering on the butt and slim gap around the knuckle area, but the rest of the backstrap is tight. The front sight is a taller King's McGivern bead and the rear is a white outline King's click adjustable rear sight (similar to the later Colt Accro). All appropriate parts are correctly numbered to the gun and it still times and locks up correctly. Factory records indicate this gun was shipped on October 21, 1914 to Cahill Sporting Goods, Rome, N.Y. on February 20, 1936. The side plate is factory engraved ''DICK WILSON'' who was a very active upstate New York shooter of the period. This rare gun remains in fine condition overall and would be a welcome addition to any arms collection. (88840-71) {MODERN} [Roy Jinks Collection] (2000/4000) Sold For 1840.00

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