200. Extremely Rare Lefever Arms Company AA Grade Sidelock Double Ejectorgun

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serial #48827, 12 ga., 32'' barrels both choked a light full with bright otherwise excellent bores which show the sparsely scattered remnant here and there of a few very light pits. The barrels show very lovely contrasting fine star damascus pattern their full-length with the neatly matted rib showing dual ivory beads. There are flowing bolster extensions at the bottom of each tube which are lightly engraved and light wedges of engraving left and right with nice gold wire inlaid bands at each breech with a lightly engraved dolls head extension. Slightly more ornate than most AA Grade Lefevers, many being without gold inlay, this example appears very much to be between the ''AA'' grade and the ''Optimus'' grade. In fact the underside of the barrels are serial numbered twice, one number has ''AA'' marked beneath it, the second serial number ''OPT'' marked adjacent to it . The frame and lockplates retain 99% excellent quality restored color case-hardening. In addition to the stunning AA Grade flowing scroll with banknote filigree bordering and gamebirds left, right and belly, there are gold inlaid sporting dogs on the left and right lockplate vignettes. Additionally atop the top lever there is a gold inlaid passenger pigeon, and the fences are very neatly chiseled in a floral pattern. The triggerplate and guard show lovely restored deep blue, both of the triggers are goldplated, as-are the cocking indicators on the lockplates. Made after Ithaca Gun Company absorbed Lefever, both lockplates have ''Ithaca NY USA'' in riband. The checkered walnut capped pistolgrip buttstock and splinter style forend both rate excellent as professionally refinished with the checkering very neatly chased, the buttstock showing some lovely grain figure. The grip features a smooth bone cap, there is an un-engraved monogram plate along the toeline and the length of pull to the checkered horn buttplate is 14 1/4'' with drops of 1 3/4'' and 3 5/16''. The forend has both of its inserts intact and its iron has lovely case-hardening as well. The gun locks up tightly with only the faintest whisper of light visible between the breech faces and the standing breech. The arm features automatic safety, double triggers and as-mentioned ejectors. The mechanism seems to function well, the top lever has drifted left of center and one must be conscious to push the top lever fully right when opening the arm, or it will not catch in the fully open position; if one operates the gun in the manner it was designed there is no problem. Interestingly the book Uncle Dan Lefever, ? Elliott, shows an identical gun, AA grade, serial #488XX (the last two digits are not disclosed) mentioning that it is part of a set of consecutively numbered guns, this example appearing very nearly identical, only the gold bird on the top lever is slightly different. There is no barrel thickness noted below .027'' in the left tube and .029'' in the right tube. The head of the stock shows two small, very nicely executed repairs which were done during the refinish, they are unobtrusive and appear to remain tight. This is an exceptional and very rare AA grade Lefever shotgun that would be a prominent addition to any advanced double gun collection. (39043-2) {C&R} (10,000/15,000) Sold For 13800.00

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