221. Cased Pair of Belgian Folding Trigger Percussion Muff Pistols

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.45 cal, 2 3/4'' barrels with very good, lightly oxidized bores. The barrels are very attractive showing a lovely damascus-wootz steel pattern their full length, each with a simple iron blade front sight. The hammers and frames are a silvery pewter patina and show overall nice quality engraving with floral and geometric patterns on their right sides and bottoms with the left side and top flat of each showing sporting or game scene-style vignettes. One pistol features a fox, the other a running hunting hound, each has game bird motifs to the rear of the simple v-notch rear sight. The arms are fitted with ribbed antique ivory butts, each with a light incise-carved flourish left and right. The butts rate very fine showing the expected very minor age cracking that comes with the years, left and right at the junction of the frame. There is some minor floral carving here and each butt is capped with a chiseled steel and engraved buttcap. While each pistol shows evidence of use, they were both very well cared for. They come cased in a nice red baize-lined retailers casing which is French-fitted holding a number of accessories: iron ball mould with nipple wrench and barrel key, diminutive fixed spout common top powder flask (the cut offspring is no longer present but the flask rates about excellent), ebony handled steel blade turnscrew, small screw-top ebony percussion cap jar and an assortment of cast projectiles. The interior remains very fine and there is an original burgundy-colored overlay with a woven bouillon thread border which matches the woven bouillon thread border of the lower French fitted portion in the case; these are very seldom-encountered as they were usually discarded. The case itself rates very good perhaps showing an old cleaning many years ago, the lightly engraved silver monogram plate on the lid reads ''BS Brooks''. The pistols function well mechanically and are quality-made throughout exhibiting no makers name but only a Belgian proof on their left frame radius. A very attractive pair of percussion pocket pistols with a decidedly sporting motif to the engraving. (39005-5) {ANTIQUE} (3000/5000) Sold For 2415.00

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