223. Lovely Cased Parisian Folding Trigger Percussion Muff Pistols

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serial #198 (serial numbered alike), .50 cal, 2'' damascus barrels showing true rifling, and very fine bores with only some sparse light pitting. The barrels themselves show lovely heavy twisted damascus pattern with the frames a very pleasing pewter patina and showing excellent quality flowing scroll with extremely fine background contrasting shading on all the flat surfaces. Additionally the flats are accented by fine gold wire inlay around their periphery and each hammer has light engraving at its nose with the same fine curling gold wire inlay; both nipples exhibit pale fire blue and the guns appear otherwise unfired. Each pistol has a bag-shaped handle of antique ivory, showing the expected minor drying cracks that come with age at both the junction with frame and a couple at the butt. Each butt is capped with teardrop-shaped fully engraved steel trapdoor buttcap with gold wire inlays and compartment beneath for spare nipple or percussion cap. The pistols and their accessories come in a lovely retailer case of mahogany with silver inlay on the lid and around the escutcheons. The interior French fitted with burnt sienna-toned leather, the retailer's name in gold on the interior lining; it has flaked and is no longer present, only remnants of ''A.Paris'' can be seen. The accessories are wonderful. There is a polished steel ball mould with nipple wrench and barrel tightening key, it is serial numbered to the guns. There is a diminutive horn powder flask which is silver mounted with a fixed common top showing lovely pale fire blue on the spring, rating excellent overall. A barrel-shaped bone and ebony percussion cap box with screw-top lid, ebony and ivory cleaning jag and an ebony, ivory and steel turnscrew are present as well. There is a sliding accessory compartment within which is currently empty and the case itself shows evidence of an old cleaning on its exterior. The pistols function very well mechanically and are very well made yet exhibit no makers nor proof marks. A lovely cased Parisian pair of ladies muff pistols, very elegant. (39005-3) {ANTIQUE} (4000/6000) Sold For 4600.00

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