252. Fine Cased Colt Model 1851 London Navy Revolver

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serial #321 all matching including wedge, .36 cal., 7 1/2'' octagon barrel with a bright excellent bore which shows just one patch of oxidation. This is an early first model London Navy which remains in very fine condition. The revolver features the small round brass triggerguard and screw affixing the rammer to the lever enters from the right side. The barrel address is the early style ''ADDRESS COL: COLT. LONDON'' with pointed lines on either side reading from muzzle to breech. All proper components are London proofed. The barrel retains 90% bright original blue finish overall with most loss at muzzle where exposed metal is a smooth gray patina, the balance of the loss is merely high edge wear. The cylinder shows all of its original naval engagement scene and retains about 90% of its original blue with loss due to even flaking. The rear of the cylinder shows all six safety pins fully intact. The frame retains nearly all of its original color case-hardened finish which as faded over time and is mostly a pleasing even pewter gray with subtle color visible throughout. The brass gripstraps retain about 95% original silverplated finish with loss being due to just a little light thinning on the front strap. The one-piece walnut grip rates excellent with 97% original finish and with just normal light handling marks. The revolver comes in its original oak London casing which rates very good plus to excellent with red baize lining and round brass disc inlaid in outer lid. The case includes a nice James Dixon flask, pewter oiler, minty blued two cavity bullet mould, an Eley cap tin and a brass auto capping tool. This is a very fine and very honest cased London 1851 Navy revolver. (18817-24) {ANTIQUE} (7000/9000) Sold For 8625.00

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