269. Rare S-Suffix Colt Model 1860 Army Percussion Revolver

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serial #146958s, .44 cal, 8'' barrel with a mostly bright very good bore showing spots of light pitting and strong rifling throughout. This is an interesting variant, part of a special commercial run made during the Civil War, only 49 of which are accounted for by Charles Pate in his book The Colt Model 1860 Army Revolver. The small ''s'' is stamped near the serial number on all of the major components including the frame, barrel, triggerguard and iron backstrap. This revolver is all matching down to the wedge and is a very fine example with the barrel, cylinder and backstrap retaining about 40% original bright blue, mostly present in the more protected areas, with the balance flaked to a pleasant gray patina showing a few spots of scattered light pitting and some small dings on the cylinder and near the wedge. The frame and hammer retain robust case-hardened colors throughout with some light freckling and toning to gray patina. The screw heads, wedge and trigger all retain some nice fire blue. The triggerguard retains about 45% silver plate mostly in the protected areas with the balance now a goldenrod patina. The New York address and naval scene on the cylinder are quite crisp, the ''COLTS / PATENT'' on the frame a little soft and the safety pins on the cylinder remarkably intact. The smooth one-piece walnut grip is very tightly-fitted to the frame precluding easy removal but is no doubt the original grip and remains in excellent condition retaining most of its original finish with some light flaking on the left side and some small dings on the base. The action functions crisply with excellent timing and lockup. A handsome and rather interesting Colt 1860 Army. (138751-42) {ANTIQUE} (3000/5000) Sold For 3335.00

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