280. Lovely German Jaeger Percussion Stalking Rifle by Riegenring

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.60 cal, 27'' octagon barrel with a mostly bright very good plus lightly oxidized bore. The barrel is a very pleasing pewter patina and shows fine stippling over its entire surface with numerous un-stippled floral decorations its length, about 19 to a flat, the top flat with the makers name inlaid in silver ''Riegenring a. Rotha''. There is a nice silver bladed front sight in a shallow dovetail and a two-leaf express rear, with lightly chiseled front extension. A high-quality conversion or brand-new manufactured percussion, utilizing an older lockplate, the patent breech has a lovely engraving along its top surface with a dual inlaid silver wire. The lockplate features an engraved beveled edge and stepped rear and shows light floral engraving with foliate engraving on the hammer and the pivoting safety stop. The pivoting safety stop operates on a roller spring which normally would have contacted a frizzen, the arm does not appear to be a conversion however, it was likely made on the cusp of the flint-to-percussion period. The lock and its attendant parts are a pleasing smooth pewter patina showing some trace case-hardening around the makers name ''Riegenring a. Rotha''. A very ornate arm, there is an ivory nosecap, German silver thimbles with a chiseled and engraved German silver tailpipe, with open flowing scroll, with German silver lockplate escutcheons on the left stock flat. The triggerguard is very generous with a very wide bow and single forward-curving spur showing an ornate chiseled and engraved front extension and slightly less-ornate rear extension, with foliate engraving on the bow. The buttplate is very nice and is a wide German silver offering with light borderline engraving with both heel and toe tangs, each lightly engraved, the sliding wooden patchbox door has a matching engraved butt and which mates to the buttplate proper. The arm is stocked in European walnut which shows some lovely figure in the butt and the forend terminates in a nicely formed bone tip. It rates very good-fine with much original varnish and the overall minor dings and handling marks that come from the years. The wrist is coarsely checkered in a skip-line pattern with mullered borders and small silver brads applied at the center of each wide diamond. There is incise carving the length of the ramrod channel with nice carved relief foliate decoration surrounding the tailpipe. The beaded left-side cheekpiece has a tiny bit of scroll at its front edge with some foliate relief carving at its rear, also showing a carved recumbent stag by a tree. The arm is equipped with double set triggers and a dual-acting lock, the original sling swivels and silver-tipped ramrod are in place. Christian Friedrich Riegenring was active in Rotha Germany in the period circa 1837, right on the cusp of the flint-to-percussion period, and obviously made some very fine rifles. (38937-326) {ANTIQUE} [Cletus Klein Collection] (5000/7000) Sold For 4600.00

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