283. Very Rare U.S. Smith and Wesson No. 3 First Model Single Action Revolver

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serial #1594, 44 S&W American, 8'' ribbed round barrel with an about good bore showing some moderate oxidation but strong rifling throughout. It is very rare to find a completely original and honest Army contract first model, indeed this is a very fine example and its serial number is confirmed as part of the order in the Standard Catalog of Smith & Wesson by Supica and Nahas. The metal surfaces of this revolver retain about 80% original bright blue showing holster and high edge wear toning to a pleasant gray-brown patina, scattered scratches, dings and some light pitting near the muzzle. The triggerguard and hammer show strong remnants of case-hardened colors with overall toning to gray-brown patina and there is a small stress crack forming on the forward left edge of the hammer. The trigger is a pale blue patina and this example does not feature the small oil hole at the underside of the extractor housing. The smooth walnut grips remain in very good condition showing mostly worn finish and scattered small dings. The right panel is appropriately stamp-numbered to the gun by serial number and the left bears a very faint but somewhat visible ''OWA'' cartouche. All of the markings are still quite crisp and clear including the appropriate ''US'' at the rear of the barrel rib and the barrel, cylinder and frame are all appropriately stamped with clear ''A'' and ''P'' inspection markings in the proper locations. Additionally, all of the appropriate parts are matching the frame by assembly number ''V9''. Barrel-to-frame fit is excellent and the action seems to function very well mechanically with solid timing and lockup. This is an excellent opportunity for the Smith & Wesson or U.S. martial collector. (138751-33) {ANTIQUE} (8,000/12,000) Sold For 6900.00

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