289. Remington Rolling Block Long Range Creedmoor Rifle

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serial #4509, 44-90, 32 1/2'' part round part octagon barrel with a bright excellent bore. This rifle is illustrated in Marcot's Remington Rolling Block Sporting and Target Rifles on page 163. The barrel appears to have been shortened by 1 1/2'' with the original dovetail being right at the muzzle and holding a blank with a windgauge globe front sight mounted in neatly added dovetail directly behind the original dovetail. Like most single shot rifles of the period this rifle appears to have had other alterations as the barrel is only marked ''E. REMINGTON & SONS ILION, N.Y.'' and shows no serial number or caliber designation. The forend is an original forend but is numbered it its endgrain 4818 and the bottom of the barrel has a peculiar 3/16'' hole which is not threaded and is only about 1/8'' deep. This hole is 10 3/4'' from the muzzle, dead center on the bottom and we think it was for a set screw probably for some type of muzzle rest. The buttstock is matching with the action, and all of the parts of this rifle match in condition and appear to have been assembled this way since the period of use. The barrel retains about 70% evenly thinning original blue finish which is blending with a smooth brown patina. The action shows about 85% original color case-hardened finish which has softened and in areas has a pewter colored appearance with subtle contrast visible in most areas. The checkered pistolgrip buttstock and plain iron tipped forend rate excellent with 95% original finish remaining. The pistolgrip has a fancy bone insert and the buttplate is a smooth steel shotgun butt which retains a mottled brown patina. The heel of the comb has two holes in the wood to accommodate a heel position sight. The rifle is sighted with a windgauge globe front, there is no rear barrel seat and a rare long range Vernier tang peepsight with staff mounted in the rearmost position at the nose of the comb. If the sight is removed it can be seen that the stock was very slightly altered to accept the sight, the nose of the comb is not affected but the wrist area is. The photographs in Marcot's book do not give a fair representation of the way the action looks, it is faded color and it doesn't look good in the book - our photographs are more representative of how the action actually looks. This is a very nice rifle which was clearly someone's beloved target gun, the bore is wonderful and the gun is well-cared-for. (18502-15) {ANTIQUE} (3000/5000) Sold For 3910.00

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