30. Superb Winchester Model 1886 Lever Action Rifle

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serial #50618, 45-70, 26" octagon barrel with full magazine and a bright minty bore. This is a standard configuration 1890 vintage 1886 Winchester rifle which remains in a stunning state of original condition. The barrel and magazine retain 95% original blue overall which is just thinning ever-so-slightly. The action retains 95% brilliant original color case-hardened finish with loss being just on the very front of the belly at the forend where it is a pewter gray. The hammer and lever rate similarly to the action and the loading gate shows virtually all of its original blue. The plain walnut buttstock and forend rate excellent with nearly all of their original finish, nice raised grain and just a few very light handling marks from the years. The nosecap and buttplate show full coverage original color case-hardening which has faded slightly. All screw heads remain clean and appear unturned. The rifle is sighted with standard open sporting front and sporting leaf rear marked "1886". A simply fabulous Winchester 1886 rifle in a remarkable state of original condition. (18963-9) {ANTIQUE} [Tim Falvey Collection] (8000/12000) Sold For 17250.00

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