330. Exceptional Colt Model 1855 Root Model No. 2 Percussion Revolver

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serial #11347, .28 cal, 3 1/2'' octagon barrel with a bright excellent, likely unfired, bore, the forcing cone showing the beginning of some light oxidation but the areas adjacent to it and the interior of the barrel showing excellent bright original blue. The blued surfaces themselves retain 98% to near 99% original blue showing some very sparse, very light fading on the sharp edges. There is a very tiny spot of flaking on the butt and a tiny spot of flaked light pitting on the frame bolster just beneath the barrel, above the loading lever. The loading lever and hammer retain all their original vibrant factory color case-hardening. The cylinder scene is 100% present and vibrant and the nipples are very clean, their recesses showing some very light oxidation remnants. The face of the cylinder is immaculate, indeed the chambers show some strong traces of original blue. The one piece walnut grip rates excellent to as-new with all of its original varnish and perhaps a couple very tiny handling marks along the right lower edge. There is some rub wear on the sharp edge of the butt from the interior of the case and a tiny bit on the left recoil shield, but otherwise the gun appears clearly un-used. The factory case rates excellent with expected minor dings and handling marks from the years and a tiny amount of warping to the lid, showing excellent scribe marks at the hinges and the original Burgundy-toned baize lining. The interior has an exceptionally nice brass dual-cavity Colts Patent-marked bullet mould with ''F'' marking, correct for the Root revolver. There is a nice unmarked Eagle and pistol pattern flask which shows much original varnish and has a fixed charger common top with very nice blue on the cut-off spring. There is an original Colt-pattern turnscrew present with blued steel blade and brass ferrule, milled for the blade proper. The turned handle is maple and shows very light turned grooves with flat sides, very similar to other cased Root examples seen from the period. An empty japanned Eley brothers percussion cap tin is included. This is a superb, investment-grade No. 2 1855 root side hammer percussion revolver from-which it would be very difficult to upgrade. (39005-2) {ANTIQUE} (8000/12,000) Sold For 9200.00

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