341. Exceptional Prussian Charles Daly Diamond Quality Double Ejectorgun by Lindner

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serial #243, 12 ga., 30'' extra fine damascus barrels, both choked a light full with bright excellent bores, the left tube showing a few very widely scattered spots of very light pinprick pitting, the right tube with a very tiny ding 2'' from the muzzle, which normally would not even warrant mention. The barrels are lovely, retaining a beautiful contrasting pewter and plum intertwining rope pattern and floral-like damascus pattern their full length. There are light rings of engraving at the breeches with nice scroll on the dolls head extension and the rib is marked ''Charles Daly Extra Fine Damascus Barrels Diamond Quality'' in field at rear. The scalloped frame is stunning and exhibits perhaps 97% original color case-hardening which is softening slightly on the carry point at the belly of the frame. The flats and upper surfaces feature overall coverage of superb quality tight flowing scroll with background shading and banknote filigree bordering. The makers name is in riband on both flats and the fences are gracefully, very lightly chiseled. On the belly of the frame are very endearing game scene vignettes, the front-most section with two gamebirds in cover, the center showing a nice depiction of a standing Rehbock, the bow of the guard with a sporting dog flanked by a field scene . The forend metal as well shows the same exceptional quality scroll and filigree, now primarily a smooth pewter case-hardened patina. The checkered round knob pistolgrip buttstock rates very fine with stunning grain, much original varnish and the expected overall tiny dings and handling marks that come from a field-used arm; there is stunning grain figure on both sides of the butt. The forend shows perhaps a bit more wear with a tiny flake on its rear left edge. Both feature lovely checkering which is only slightly worn, the forend with a horn tip insert, the pistolgrip with a nice sculpted horn cap. The arm features double triggers, cocking indicators, ejectors, automatic safety with ''safe'' inlaid in gold and there is a silver oval monogram plate along the toeline which is un-engraved. Lockup is tight and there is no wall thickness noted below .028'' (most are in fact well above .032''). The underside of the barrel shows Lindner's crossed pistols trademark and the length of pull to the checkered horn buttplate is 13 7/8'' with drops of 1 3/4'' and 3 1/4''. What a lovely antique Lindner Daly double ejectorgun, in an extremely fine state of condition, that would be a joy to have the afield, while still maintaining solid investment potential. (38751-12) {ANTIQUE} (7000/9000) Sold For 6900.00

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