346. Civil War Sharps New Model 1859 Percussion ''Berdan'' Rifle with Malcolm Telescopic Sight

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serial #55159, .52 cal., 29'' round barrel with a bright near excellent bore. This rifle has a ton of character. The gun is equipped with a period full-length telescopic sight, shows considerable use, with wear and marks in stock and metal with only scant traces of original finish remaining and shows a beautiful bore. To the target and sharpshooter, these rifles were tools that were meant to be shot, they are often modified and the true shooters always took care of their bores. The modifications to this rifle include added rear dovetail just behind the original sight which accommodates the rear scope ring, the forward ring is mounted in another dovetail about an inch back from muzzle. The muzzle was shortened by 1'' during the period, probably when the scope was mounted to the rifle or possibly if there was muzzle damage. The front sight stud has been neatly removed with the patina matching perfectly. The rifle bears proper barrel markings which remain clear and legible, the action and lock markings are also correct and clear and legible. The barrel bears an even rich brown patina overall and is quite smooth with just some light scattered surface oxidation in some areas. The frame and lock show traces of faded original color case-hardened finish with the balance bearing a rich brown patina. The full-length scope is a pleasing even brown overall with German silver nameplate on top which reads ''WM MALCOLM / SYRACUSE / N.Y.''. The scope shows slightly cloudy optics with fine crosshair reticle with four horizontal stadia for different ranges, not a reticle we would expect on a civilian target shooters arm. The plain walnut buttstock and full length forend rate near very good with moderate wear and the normal scattered bruises and marks one would expect to see on a rifle that saw military service. A faint cartouche can be seen on the left side of the wrist. This gun falls in the middle of the accepted serial number range of Berdan-issued rifles (54374 - 57567), in fact it is consecutively numbered to an identical rifle which was issued to the famous ''Bucktails'' Co. F, 42nd Pennsylvania Infantry. The Bucktails were issued two-trigger Sharps New Model 1859 rifles originally intended to be replacements for damaged or lost rifles issued to the 1st and 2nd U.S. Sharpshooters. When Pennsylvania complained about receiving inferior weapons, these rifles were released from storage and issued to them. This rifle has such an incredibly authentic look and feel, it looks like it was there. It has character galore and would make a fabulous addition to the finest private or institutional American Civil War collection. (18863-41) {ANTIQUE} (12,000/18,000) Sold For 0.00

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