360. Rare Colt Single Action Army Bisley Model Flat Top Target Revolver

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serial #167741, 45 Colt, 7 1/2'' barrel with a bright very fine bore which shows strong rifling and with some scattered light oxidation or light pits. The barrel and ejector rod housing retain about 97% original nickel finish, showing some light muzzle wear, more prominent on the left side of the gun with a bit of wear midway down the barrel, a tiny bit of flaking near the front sight base. The frame retains about 95% original nickel with flaking along the left side just ahead of the cylinder cut and a bit on the topstrap with a similar amount along the right side of the frame a bit less-so. The cylinder retains 95-97% original nickel with a smattering of very small flaked areas and some light surface oxidation. The triggerguard has nearly all its original nickel as does the backstrap. The hammer and trigger exhibit some vivid fire temper blue with the bright-polished sides of the hammer mostly unstained showing a couple oxidation spots, the screws on the bottom of the gun as well are a lovely blue. The arm wears a beautiful pair of fleur-de-lis diamond-checkered rosewood grips which, while un-numbered, fit absolutely perfectly and mimic factory examples. The right grip rates about excellent, the left grip very good with a number of small chips or dings along its lower left sharp edge, they appear very much to be factory. The included factory letter verifies nickel finish, caliber and barrel length and shows shipment to E.K. Tryon, Philadelphia in February of 1898, but with ''rubber stocks''. Wilson lists ''full nickel plating was supplied on a few arms'', this house has never encountered one. The revolver is equipped with a factory-style German silver beaded blade front sight and a simple u-notch rear. A very handsome and very rare Bisley Model Flat Top Target Revolver remaining in a very fine state of condition. (38937-34) {ANTIQUE} [Cletus Klein Collection] (8000/12,000) Sold For 14950.00

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