371. The Henry Clay Pierce Deluxe Cased Daniel Fraser Boxlock Double Ejector Rifle

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serial #2018, .500/.450 No. 1 Express, 27'' barrels with bright excellent bores. This is a wonderful rifle. The gun features full coverage tight relief scroll engraving with ''DANL FRASER & Co'' in open field on either side. The triggerguard and top lever show full coverage scroll as well with additional scroll on the dolls head rib extension. The action features wonderful serpentine curves chiseled into the fences with beautiful raised beads engraved with a rope style border where the barrels meet the action. The action features double locking underlugs with a third fastener in the dolls head rib extension. The top rib of barrels is engraved ''DANL FRASER & CO. / 4 LEITH ST. TERRACE / EDINBURGH.'' and shows beautiful hand filed matting. The rifle features a bolted safety and ejectors, the latter being rather unusual on such a powerful rifle. The rifle is equipped with its original Daniel Fraser telescopic sight on proprietary quick detachable mounts which are indeed numbered to the rifle. The scope is marked with Fraser's name along with ''SOLE PATENTEES & MANUFACTURERS''. The scope features a spring loaded padded leather ocular piece and the optics are slightly cloudy with two horizontal stadia for different ranges. The condition of the rifle is wonderful with the barrels retaining 85% evenly thinning original blue finish overall and remaining smooth and free of pitting. The action shows strong original color case-hardened finish, the percentage is difficult to determine due to the heavy engraving coverage but it is a high percentage. The floorplate shows about 90% original blue as does the triggerguard, again with loss just due to light even thinning. The checkered pistolgrip buttstock and forend are of nicely figured English walnut and feature a nice shadowline cheekpiece and Fraser's own recoil pad, a rubber section mounted between a hard rubber piece on the stock and a checkered hard rubber buttplate mounted to the butt. The checkering is very fine on the wrist, forend and panels. The toeline of stock shows a shield shaped monogram plate which remains plain and the stocks retain over 90% original oil finish with scattered light handling marks. The gun comes in its original deluxe oak and leather case with large oval brass medallion on lid which is engraved ''H.C. PIERCE / St. LOUIS''. The case has compartments for the rifle, scope and accessories along with nine square compartments along the front edge of case which fit boxes of ammunition, there are several full or partial boxes of ammunition present, perhaps 25 - 30 cartridges. The lid of the case has embossed borders and corner show brass reinforcments. Henry Clay Pierce was on of the four richest Americans when this rifle was built for him. He was a partner in his father-in-laws' oil company which refined oil for lamps. Pierce's leadership took the company national and they became one of the largest refineries in the nation. In 1878 Standard Oil Company purchased 40% of the company which by that time had pipelines, railroads and refineries from the Midwest to Mexico. Pierce lived an opulent lifestyle living at Vandeventer Place, the most lavish residence in St. Louis. In 1902 he purchased the 188-foot three masted schooner-rigged steam yacht Yacona which was previously owned by the King of Portugal. Pierce owned the yacht until 1917 when it was sold to the U.S. Navy who reconfigured it into an armed patrol yacht complete with three-inch guns and Colt machineguns. It is fitting that this man who enjoyed the finest things in life chose a Daniel Fraser rifle as it was one of the very finest rifles being produced at the time. A wonderful cased Fraser rifle made for one of America's wealthiest 19th century businessmen. (19041-1) {ANTIQUE} (15,000/25,000) Sold For 24150.00

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