392. Fabulous American Percussion Schuetzen Rifle by Zettler of New York City

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font color="FF0000">Description Update (11/08/18): repaired chip behind checkering on right side of wrist

.45 cal., 32 1/2'' octagon barrel turned for starter with a bright excellent bore. This rifle is beautifully engraved, exhibits very high-quality craftsmanship and remains in super original condition. The lock and hammer feature near full coverage 19th century scroll with ''ZETTLER'' engraved beneath bolster. The top of the barrel is marked simply ''ZETTLER / NEW YorK'' while the bottom of the barrel is marked ''G. Stahl'' indicating an imported cast-steel barrel. The patent breech features a fancy flared nipple shield with clean out screw and the leading edge of the hammer has a broken cap deflector. The barrel breech and tang show lovely scroll engraving with a nicely executed shell motif where the barrel meets the tang. The stock furniture is of nickel plated brass and includes an engraved Swiss buttplate, engraved large finger loop triggerguard and beautifully formed and engraved pewter forend cap. The sideplate is of brass and in the form of a serpent beautifully engraved with mouth open facing toward the muzzle. The condition of the rifle is very fine with the barrel retaining 90 - 95% original brown finish with some light freckling near the breech and some light silvering along the high edges. The lock, barrel breech and tang all show about 85% original color case-hardened finish which is softened slightly and has a wonderful appearance with vivid color in protected areas and other areas drifting to a smooth medium gray. The stock is of beautifully figured French walnut and features a handsome shadowline cheekpiece and coarsely checkered wrist. The stock rates excellent retaining about 95% original finish overall with crisp edges and checkering and with some light scratches on the flat opposite the lock. There is a small crack in the top edge of stock just above the forward edge of the lock on right side and a tiny chip at the forend on the same side. The rifle is sighted with a windgauge front with spirit level and removable insert, there is no rear seat and a Vernier tang mounted peepsight is mounted in the integral base on top tang. These sights may have been added slightly later but are certainly from the period of use. There is a single, very neatly plugged hole in the top tang, it is unobtrusive and could be made to disappear by a competent gunsmith. This is an extremely handsome American percussion Schuetzen rifle which remains in wonderful original condition. (18937-373) {ANTIQUE} [Cletus Klein Collection] (4000/6000) Sold For 5462.50

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