432. German Flintlock Double Fowler by Lichtenfels

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serial #189, about 26 bore (.56 cal), 31'' part round part octagon barrels with bright to near excellent bores which show only some very sparse light oxidation. The barrels are a mottled plum and pewter gray patina with dual ribbed and beaded medials at the point of transition and a simple silver bladed front sight only, each with platinum blowout plugs. There are wide loose open foliate and floral silver inlays for about a 5'' along the barrel's top and diagonal flats, along with light silver inlays near the breeches. The tang shows light open scroll inlaid with silver as well and is a silvery and pewter case-hardened patina with traces of color. Both lockplates are lightly recurving at their rear with a pronounced teat and are overall bright showing borderline decoration with makers name right and ''Carlsruhe'' left. The swan-neck cocks are very graceful and the faceted pans lovely, featuring bridled frizzens with deeply curling tails, very heavy yet very graceful. There is a carved wooden triggerguard with a German silver bolstering strap, uncracked and unchipped from the years, each of the triggers featuring light rearward pierced scroll flourishes. There is lovely German silver furniture which is chiseled yet un-engraved: tailpipe, wedge escutcheons, triggerguard strap front extension, long tang heel plate and toe inlay. Ramrod thimbles are German silver, the rear supporting a swivel and there is a mating swivel along the toeline. The European walnut stock rates very fine to excellent with a coarsely skip-checkered wrist and slightly more finely checkered forearm, each with mullered borders, and the expected light handling marks here and there from the years, a tiny chip at front of right lockplate. The rounded shadowline cheekpiece shows light relief carved sprays of scroll front and rear and there is a lovely detailed silver wire scroll inlaid to the rear of the cheekpiece, and to the rear of the tang; additionally there is a shield-shaped monogram plate lightly engraved atop the wrist. The arm is numbered on the heel plate, underside of barrels and in the barrel channel. The original bone-tipped ramrod is present and the locks are crisp and mechanically functional with hammers neatly timed. A quality made fowler, Johann Lichtenfels was active in Carlsruhe (Karlsruhe) in the mid to late 1700s. (38937-392) {ANTIQUE} [Cletus Klein Collection] (3000/5000) Sold For 2645.00

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