45. Rare Colt U.S. Model 1873 Single Action Army Blued Frame Revolver

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serial #131384, 45 Colt, 7 1/2'' barrel with a very good plus to very fine bore which is mostly bright but which shows some scattered oxidation and some scattered light pitting, a bit more prominent near the muzzle. The barrel retains about 95% original blue, the loss being some wear to pewter along its left side, also with a number of very light abrasions in this area, with remnants of some light pinprick pitting near the muzzle, the sides of the sight to still showing some nice original feathering. The ejector rod housing is similar with light wear at its leading edge, the ejector rod head appears to have broken off, its remnant very neatly rounded over and very nicely metal checkered. The cylinder shows a bit more wear and retains about 80% original blue with wear to pewter, numerous light rotational rings and a number of small impact marks scattered about its surface, a few fairly prominent on the edge of one of the cylinder flutes. The frame retains about 50% original ''Government Blue'' as is found on some Single Action Army revolvers in the 131,000 serial number range. Graham-Kopec-Moore mention these guns in their monumental treatise, in fact gun number 131378 is mentioned by serial number in the book as being just such a blued finish frame. The balance is a silvery and speckled plum brown patina showing what are two very minor dings. The triggerguard retains strong original blue at its front edge with light wear to the bow of the guard and fading to pewter on the frontstrap, the backstrap as well is mostly plum and brown with strong original blue atop the knuckle. The one piece walnut grip rates very good showing an old refinish, honest wear and dings along the butt edges, a re-affixed chip along the right leading edge and the remnants of a light right side cartouche; they are numbered to the gun in antique ink pen. All of the numbers are matching and Rinaldo Carr stamped his ''R.A.C.'' on the frame ahead of the serial number, underside of barrel and on the cylinder, also with appropriate ''P'' firing proofs, the ''U.S.'' stamping very prominent. A number of the screw heads show some light slot damage but certainly could be replaced or dressed if one wished; the head of the base pin is somewhat scarred up as well and there are some matching witness marks on the barrel adjacent to it. The nose of the trigger is likely worn as the hammer does not sit back far enough at half cock and the bolt drags slightly on the loading notch. Overall this is a fine example of these rather rare blued frame Colt U.S. Model 1873 revolvers. (38937-42) {ANTIQUE} [Cletus Klein Collection] (7000/9000) Sold For 7187.50

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