455. Handsome Cased Pair of German Percussion Target Pistols by F. C. Anschutz of Suhl

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Description Update (11/14/18): Repaired crack around lower tang of one of the pistols

.48 caliber, 9 1/2'' octagon barrels with very good plus very finely rifled bores. These pistols feature beautiful border and scroll engraving along with attractive sunbursts on locks between hammers and bolsters. The barrel breeches and tangs are also engraved and the top flat of each barrel is gold inlaid ''MANUFre DE F.C. ANSCHUTZ. A SUHL''; the locks are each engraved with the same inscription without the gold inlay. The muzzles and breeches are both double silver banded and the barrels features nice silver blade front sights and elevation adjustable rear. The pistols feature lovely engraved silver furniture which includes finger spur triggerguards, double sideplates, buttcaps, ramrod ferrules and wedge escutcheons. The pistols are each equipped with single set triggers which function properly. The walnut stocks are nicely relief carved around barrel tang and along rear profile of the grip in a floral pattern and again along the ramrod channel in a geometric pattern. The stocks are beautifully skip-line checkered with silver brads hammered into the pattern. The barrels retain about 90% original brown finish blending with a smooth brown patina. The locks and breeches are mostly a smooth gray patina with some traces of faded original color case-hardened finish remaining. The stocks retain a good deal of original finish with some additional added light finish and with light wear to the flat top checkering. The forends terminate with horn caps which are near excellent and the horn tipped ramrods are both present. All silver furniture shows strong, crisp engraving and has been very lightly polished and have a pleasing somewhat bright appearance. The pistols come in a nice period brass bound walnut display case which is French fitted to these pistols and additionally holds a vent pick, sight adjusting tool, turn screw, nipple wrench, powder flask, bullet mould, ebony handled cleaning rod, patch cutter, ebony patch ''tin'', a crystal oil bottle and some other small accessories. A handsome pair of German percussion target pistols. (18937-115) {ANTIQUE} [Cletus Klein Collection] (6000/8000) Sold For 6325.00

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