466. Luftwaffe M.30 Survival Drilling by Sauer and Sohn with Original Storage Case

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serial #338118, 12 ga. by 9.3x74R, 25 3/4'' Krupp Laufstahl barrels both choked full, all three with bright excellent bores. The barrels retain about 92-95% original blue, the loss is due to some muzzle wear, and even fading, primarily above the carry point at the forend. The rib features the rifle caliber marking with the expected light bands of geometric engraving at the breeches along with the makers name, the right tube with the Luftwaffe Eagle. The underside of the barrels show caliber, proofing and Luftwaffe acceptance stamps, the gun proved in February 1942. The frame is primarily a pewter and speckled plum brown patina showing perhaps 30% original color case-hardening, primarily in the protected areas behind the fences and beneath the top lever. The belly shows some silvery speckled case-hardening with some generous colors near the triggers and at the root of the guard. The triggerguard is a speckled gunmetal gray and silvery case-hardened patina with remnants of some light oxidation staining. The checkered capped European walnut pistolgrip buttstock rates very good to near fine with the expected minor dings and handling marks from the years and with a very prominent right-side Luftwaffe Eagle property stamping. The forend shows perhaps a bit more wear now primarily devoid of varnish with a tiny chip along its right rear edge. The buttstock additionally has a very small chip at the lower left stock cheek but its original grooved Sauer and Sohn logo buttplate is intact. A couple of the screw heads show some light slot damage but the arm locks up tightly and functions well mechanically. There is a simple bead front sight and automatic flip-up rear sight when rifle barrel is selected. Features double triggers, the front a single set, Greener safety and cocking indicators. The arm rides in its original aluminum storage case with intact fiber lining and inserts. Externally the case rates about very good with overall scuffs and scratches from the years, the black stenciling only partially legible, the internal inventory stencil on the inside of lid remains brilliant and fully readable. Included is an original manual dated June 1941 rating very good, wooden handled cleaning rod (just the handle section is included, the other two sections not present), spiral brass jag, boar bristle brush and textile bore mop with the threaded portion missing. Additionally there is a 3/4'' leather sling included which appears to be original equipment, it is slightly dried and overall lightly crackled but likely still serviceable. An about very fine M.30 drilling over all with some lovely markings and a very nice accessories, it would be a fun pursuit to track down some ammunition and perhaps remaining cleaning rod sections and complete the ensemble. (38873-560) {C&R} [Dilworth Cook Collection] (8000/12,000) Sold For 12650.00

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