467. Excellent German LP.08 Artillery Luger Pistol by DWM

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serial #7018g, 9mm, 8'' barrel with a bright excellent bore. This is a wonderful 1917-dated artillery Luger retaining nearly 97% original blue showing some light high edge wear, a few minor scratches and a couple very small areas toning to gray patina. The small parts retain rich straw color throughout with just some very minor silvering while the toggle pins and sear springs retain bold fire blue, the grip screws and front sight blade also retaining strong hints of fire blue. The checkered hardwood grips are un-numbered but very likely original and remain in very good plus condition showing a few lightly chipped points, a small chip at the toe of the left panel and minor handling marks. This is likely an early 1917 production gun as the fine tune adjustable front sight has been eliminated and replaced with a standard fixed sight, but the rear sight is still equipped with the fine tuning feature. All of the serialized parts including those of the rear sight assembly and the un-grooved firing pin are matching; the extractor is un-numbered. All of the markings are clearly visible and the pistol is stamped with British export proofs on the underside of the barrel as well as ''(Crown) GP'' proofs scattered about on a number of parts. One mismatched magazine with wood base numbered ''7639g'' with a ''+'' and the body showing reapplied blue is included. The pistol functions very well mechanically and has obviously seen very little use. Really a superb LP.08 pistol that would be difficult to improve upon. (138944-10) {C&R} (2000/4000) Sold For 2530.00

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