484. Excellent Winchester Model 1885 Low Wall Sporting Rifle

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serial #19915, 38 WCF, 28'' No. 1 weight octagon barrel with a bright excellent bore. This is a wonderful low wall rifle, the barrel retaining 97% original blue with some minor high edge wear, a few scattered freckles and some scratches near the muzzle. The action retains almost all of its stunning case-hardened colors with just some minor thinning along the lever, a spot of cleaned light oxidation on the left side breech and some errant freckling. The buttplate remarkably still shows some strong remnants of case-hardened colors. The plain walnut buttstock and schnabel forend with ebony insert remain in excellent condition retaining nearly all of their original finish and showing just a couple small dings and overall scratches. The rifle is sighted with a Lyman tang peep sight and shows evidence of having had a standard sporting rear sight which has been replaced with a Lyman dual-leaf folding rear and the front is a Lyman No. 5 combination sight. The hammer is crisp and the action seems to function well mechanically. Really a very fine and rather lightweight low wall rifle rarely seen in such nice condition. (138944-20) {ANTIQUE} (3000/5000) Sold For 3450.00

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