499. Lovely Ornate Child's Flintlock ''Fowling'' Musket by Christof Ris

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About .44 cal. (roughly 56 gauge) 23'' part octagon part round barrel with turned and beaded medials at the point of transition and a lightly oxidized bore. This is an ornate, very lovely, and diminutive Austrian-made children's fowler, clearly made for a person of import or of title. The barrel is a mix of deep blue faded original blue, flaking to plum and toning to pewter. The forward section is primarily pewter, the muzzle lightly swamped and with silver star-inlaid blade front sight. The remnants of original blue are at the center section, around the turned medials and ahead of the gold-washed sighting band. The rear of the arm, near the makers sunken gold-filled touch mark, is more of a plum brown patina, with a lightly engraved tang showing ''2'' at its head. The top and diagonal flats are stamped with gold impressed ''quality'' marks, 10 total and as-mentioned the makers gold touch mark on the top flat, Chri/Stof Ris'' surmounted by a crown. The lock is a lovely silvery gunmetal patina with convex plate and hammer with small beaded edge on each, slightly banana-shaped with a pronounced teat at its rear. The unbridled frizzen shows a lovely chiseled tail as-does its spring, with a nice seam around the bottom of the pan. The frizzen shows evidence of being struck, however the gold lined touchole and pan are very clean and it's not likely the musket was fired much, if at all. There is ornate gold-washed hardware consisting of engraved nosecap, ramrod thimbles, chiseled and engraved tailpipe, barrel band which as-mentioned serves as a rear sighting trough as well, and the triggerguard features a brass overlay with chiseled and engraved front extension, the bow with the bust of a woman. The triggerguard itself is carved walnut and miraculously intact, likely due largely to the brass overlay which bolstered it. The wide flat-bottom Germanic buttplate shows a lovely chiseled and engraved tang, the floral and scallop shell engraving surrounding who is likely a seated Diana, a hound at her feet. The ornate sideplate as well shows chiseling and engraving and a waterfowl hunting scene which shows a woman in petticoat downing waterfowl, her bearers behind her. Quite possibly this was an arm made for a young female member of royalty, the un-engraved ornate rococo monogram plate atop the wrist surmounted by a crown. The European walnut stock rates very good with very fancy grain, incise carving along the toeline, carved-in-relief scroll surrounding most of the hardware, prominent around the square-bottom left-side cheekpiece. There are a number of older cracks through the very highly figured grain, most of which were repaired, the right side showing a few tiny chips missing at the forend, another 1 1/2'' chip missing beneath of the lockplate. The lock does not currently hold on cock, its safety notch seems to work well, and there is an older ramrod included that is likely a replacement. Christof Ris (Ries) was active in Wien (Vienna) 1732-1757. A very stunning, diminutive fowler clearly made for someone of noble blood. (38840-3) {ANTIQUE} [Roy Jinks Collection] (5000/7000) Sold For 4887.50

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