501. Unmarked German Flintlock Stalking Rifle

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About 40 cal, 29 1/2'' octagon barrel with a lightly swamped muzzle and an oxidized bore showing deep six groove rifling. The barrel is a pleasing mostly smooth silvery gunmetal patina showing remnants of sparsely scattered oxidation and perhaps some very light pinprick pits. There is a simple silver bladed front sight and semi-ornate two-leaf rear with very nice chiseled front extension; the top barrel flat is engraved inlaid in silver ''C XII 1701''. The beveled lockplate has a pronounced teat at its rear with a lightly chiseled step, and is borderline and martial panoply engraved, with geometric engraving beneath the faceted pan. The graceful swan neck cock shows the same lovely engraving with light chiseling on its top jaw guide, there is the very beginning of a crack midway up its length which should be given attention by a professional metalsmith who knows his business, if so it could go away easily. The unbridled frizzen shows light chiseling where it contacts the frizzen spring, which is neatly chiseled as well. The arm features a bone forend tip with faceted iron ramrod thimble and tailpipe, the long Jaeger-style iron triggerguard showing light engraving and a chiseled and engraved finial front extension. The buttplate is rather wide with a rounded toe with light engraving along the chiseled tang. There is additional game scene engraving on the stepped beveled sideplate, with identical contour as lockplate. The stock rates very good with the overall expected dings and handling marks that come from hunted arm. It is European walnut with incise grooves the full-length of the ramrod and barrel channels with island carving and dropper points at rear of lockplates and the tang. There is light carving at the point of comb and at the very front of the beaded cheekpiece. The arm has its original sling swivels and the lock functions well mechanically. There is a sliding wooden patchbox door in place, its front section has chipped off but would be an easy repair for a good wood man, beneath it we find what is likely the arms original powder measure, patch worm and cleaning jag; there is an iron ramrod included, its threaded end fits the accessories perfectly. A handsome early 18th-century stalking rifle. (38937-328) {ANTIQUE} [Cletus Klein Collection] (1800/2200) Sold For 2070.00

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