502. German Percussion Halfstock Sporting Rifle by Valentin Schilling

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.54 cal., 27 1/2'' part octagon part round barrel with an about excellent bore which shows strong rifling and some very minor oxidation nearer the muzzle. This is a rather interesting rifle, not the conventional half octagon half round barrel. The bottom flat and the diagonal flats makeup the lower portion of the octagonal barrel, the top and diagonal ''flats'' are not, they are actually circular, or more correctly radiused, each having a raised rib running the full-length of the barrel separating the panels, the side flats actually being mostly flat, turning radiused at the very top edges where they meet with the raised rib. The barrel shows a lovely contrasting star damascus pattern its entire length and features a simple silver beaded front sight with two leaf rear, one standing one folding, atop a polished blued steel base. The breech is ornately engraved and there is light gold scroll inlaid just ahead of it, with the makers name in gold to the rear of the rear sight ''V. Chr. Schilling in Suhl'' flanked by small arrows. The long tang is lightly engraved and is a pewter patina with a gold stag at its front, the initials ''AS'' inlaid in silver. The hump-back lock and hammer show the same open flowing scroll with a gold inlaid recumbent doe and crouching stag in game scene vignette, the nose of the hammer in a wolf's head motif. There is a rather generous engraved steel nosecap, engraved triggerplate front extension, lightly engraved bow on the fancy swirled triggerguard showing gold inlaid stag and there is an ornate banjo-style patchbox. The stock is European walnut and rates fine with the overall expected minor dings and handling marks from the years and a lovely swirling pistolgrip of horn which is unchipped, uncracked all these years. There are nicely checkered panels with mullered borders in the grasping area with a flared left-side cheekpiece and the gun is equipped with sling swivels. Equipped with double set triggers and a dual-acting lock, the arm appears very well made, as-expected from this well-thought-of maker. There is a simple dowel as ramrod. Valentin Christof Schilling was active in Suhl from the mid-1850s to about 1900. (38937-308) {ANTIQUE} [Cletus Klein Collection] (1800/2200) Sold For 2645.00

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