634. Original United States Patent Office Model of Groom's ''Explosive Canister Shot.''

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This is a roughly 3-piece model of Mr. Smith Groom's explosive canister shot, No. 36820, granted October 28, 1862. Mr. Groom basically has an improved cylindrical canister projectile, filled with shot, behind-which there is wadding or plunger, behind which is an explosive charge and timed fuse, there being a conical plug to the front of the projectile decreasing its ballistic coefficient when propelled through the atmosphere. Upon reaching desired distance from or amongst the enemy, the shell ''explodes'' expelling the projectile's forward, in the manner of a shotshell, rather than a multidirectional burst from a conventional spherical artillery shell (these projectiles being directed primarily forward). Granted in October 1862, it would appear a little too complex, or moreover unnecessary, as current canister shot was doing its job very well, as was explosive antipersonnel shot, and it does not appear to ever have been adopted nor used. Additionally Mr. Groom had incorporated winged flanges or raised ribs longitudinally on the outside of his shell in a spiral pattern, designed to engage rifling within an artillery piece and impart spin to the projectile thereby increasing its range and accuracy. Included with the model is the original 3'' x 3 1/4'' Patent office card stock tag marked in antique ink pen: ''36,820/Smith Groom/Explosive/Canister Shot/ Patented Oct. 28th/1862'', the small upper corner in which ''No.'' was printed has broken off. A small piece of lead is attached by braided wire stamped ''APM'', along with a tag which reads ''Property of American Patent Models Inc.'' with a Rockefeller Center address. A printout of the original patent drawing and specifications is included. A very well-made and somewhat ingenious device, sadly it was the answer to a question which was not being asked. (35623-6B) (1200/1800) Sold For 920.00

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