652. Very Fine Colt Model 1849 Pocket Percussion Revolver

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serial #185518, .31 cal, 4'' octagon barrel with an about very good bore showing light pitting and strong rifling throughout. The barrel of this revolver retains about 90% original bright blue showing some high edge wear, some light pitting around the muzzle and minor tool marks around the wedge. The cylinder has mostly flaked to gray patina but the stagecoach cylinder scene is still mostly crisp with a few areas obscured by light pitting and the safety pins are remarkably intact. The frame, loading lever and hammer show areas of vibrant case-hardened colors, quite bold on the right side with scattered patches of light pitting predominantly at the rear right edge of the frame and hammer. A number of the screw heads show nice fire blue, the Hartford address and patent markings are all quite crisp and clear. The steel triggerguard and backstrap retain about 80% original silver finish showing flaking along the triggerguard and straps and some attractive tarnishing throughout. The smooth one-piece walnut grip is ink-numbered to the gun and remains in very good plus condition retaining most of its original finish with minor flaking and some light chips around the edges. All of the serialized parts are matching including the wedge and the action functions crisply with excellent timing and lockup. A very fine example made in 1861, quite interesting with its steel triggerguard and backstrap. (138817-27) {ANTIQUE} (2500/3000) Sold For 2530.00

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