660. Remington Keene Bolt Action Sporting Carbine

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45-70 Govt, 20'' barrel with a good plus to about very good bore which shows strong rifling but with light oxidation and some sparsely scattered light pitting. Barrel and magazine tube are a soft plum patina with some light remnants of oxidation staining but are primarily smooth; the bands are a dull gray blue and smoky mottled case-hardened patina. The receiver as well has toned primarily to a mottled smoky brown and gray with remnants of original blue, the bolt is similar with the hammer showing some remnants of color case-hardening. The stock rates very good as repaired, showing a break through the wrist many years ago which appears to have been effectively repaired and is solid, the stock with some good original varnish and only light dings and scattered handling marks from the years. There have been two added screws through the bottom metal, this in an attempt to bolster the stock repair. The gun seems to function well mechanically and might make a fun vintage rainy day hunter. (38909-36) {ANTIQUE} (1200/1800) Sold For 1380.00

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