666. New England Percussion Sporting and Target Rifle by Edwin Wesson

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About .36 cal, 29'' octagon barrel turned for starter and drilled for false muzzle (none is present) with an oxidized bore. The barrel is an overall pleasing darker gray-plum patina with scattered light oxidation but no mentionable pitting. The front sight is a diminutive globe with simple post insert with a simple v-notch rear sight which is likely a much later gunsmith replacement, and a folding lollipop tang aperture sight, the tang also with a larger hole to the rear of this, which likely held the original sight. The barrel frame, hammer, and back action ''sideplate'' show very light loose open scroll engraving, beneath a light coating of superficial oxidation. The German silver dual spur triggerguard shows some loose foliate engraving and filigree on the bow of the guard with some nice engraving on its rear extension. The German silver buttplate is faceted and lightly chiseled and features a sliding iron top cover, perhaps for caps, perhaps for the staff of a peepsight, it is lightly engraved as is the very nice toeplate. The pendulum style German silver patchbox is very nice and very ''Edwin Wesson'' and shows the same excellent quality open loose flowing scroll as the balance of the arm. The highly figured English walnut buttstock rates otherwise very good to near excellent with much original varnish and only light handling marks and dings, were it not for a crack completely through the wrist due to the highly figured nature of the wood. This crack was repaired during the period of use with an iron, and a tin strap, affixed with brads and small screws, it appears to be fairly rugged and will not flex but is also somewhat rudimentary. The left side of the buttstock shows an oval German silver monogram plate which is engraved with nice scroll. The arm features a dual-acting lock mechanism and double set triggers and what is likely its original ramrod is present. The top of the barrel is marked only ''Wesson/Hartford/Cast Steel'', and is not serial numbered. It is speculated that this is likely a gun started by Wesson before his sudden and untimely death, the company having run for a full year after his death by its financial backers. The serial or assembly number ''80'' is marked on both the frame and mating surface of the barrel, concealed when the gun is assembled. Overall a very nice Wesson single shot target and sporting rifle that had an unfortunate mishap many many years ago. (38345-3) {ANTIQUE} (1000/1500) Sold For 632.50

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