671. U.S. Model 1841 Mississippi Rifle by Remington

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Description Update (11/08/18): Repaired 6? crack left side of stock

.54 Cal, 33'' barrel with an oxidized bore. The iron surfaces are dull gray patina with oxidation throughout much of their length. The bands, triggerguard, buttplate and patchbox are a dull yellow ochre patina with some light oxidation staining. The barrel has a ''US'' and ''P'' marking with the ''US'' being a bit obscured due to oxidation. The lock is marked ''U.S./1848'' in front of the hammer and with ''REMINGTON'S/HERKIMER/NY''. The walnut stock rates very good with slightly rounded edges, the expected dings and handling wear that come with the years. This rifle is a New York State altered example, as there is a groove for a bayonet guide 3 1/2'' behind the muzzle but there is no bayonet guide present. The hammer is functional and what is likely the original ramrod is present. A solid example of these New York altered Mississippi rifles. (209010-86) {ANTIQUE} [Dr. Jess P. Lewis Collection] (1000/1500) Sold For 1725.00

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