672. Fine 18th-Century Engraved Powderhorn

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This is a nicely engraved 14'' horn with turned semi-bulbous butt, likely of cedar, with screw-off filler plug which also serves as a stud for suspension; it is retained by 12 iron brads. The horn is a nice cream-gray for most of the body, fading to a more translucent darker gray-brown in the reduced section, showing two medials as hanger strap provision, further reduced to a very pleasing semi-bulbous type spout typical of early horn architecture. The horn is overall engraved in a number of patterns very similar to noted early pre-Revolutionary war-era Pennsylvania horns. We see a row of houses, clearly personal dwellings, these typify a particular Pennsylvania engraver noted on horns from the region and of the period. The depiction just beneath show five marching Grenadiers, four of which have affixed bayonets on their muskets, the lead man, clearly in officer's frock, appears to be carrying a vessel, whether a basket or otherwise, these men headed towards a very large dual-chimnied house. We see a number of foliate and woodland carvings, between flowers and trees we see six small triangular formations, appearing very much to be bivouacked tents, perhaps the encampment from which the soldiers were marching. Flanking this, we find three beasts of the forest, two appearing to be bucks, clearly with horns on their head, and one smaller fawn-like animal. While they may be whitetail deer, with long flowing tails, the animals also have a pronounced hump at their back, perhaps signifying they are indeed Eastern Elk, common to the region prior to the American Revolutionary War. The horn remains in overall very fine condition showing some very light flaking around the foliage that the cervidae are munching on, as well as two light drying cracks near the base of the horn, with a few tiny spots of very light insect damage. Overall a very folky and endearing horn with a lovely honest untouched look and beautiful antique patina. (38746-10) (1500/2500) Sold For 0.00

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