674. Unmarked Continental Flintlock Horseman's Pistol

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About .60 cal, 13 7/8'' round barrel with raised top medial and a moderately oxidized bore. This is a rather interesting pistol, showing some minor restoration but otherwise very honest. All of the metal surfaces are a dull gunmetal gray patina with a plum brown smattering of minor oxidation showing scattered light pinprick pitting. The arm appears to have been quality-made in its day, the barrel transitioning from octagon to round with raised bolsters left and right and the aforementioned top medial rib. Remnants of some manner of makers or proof marking can be seen on the left diagonal flat, the right flat showing some minor and moderate pitting around the touchole. The flat lockplate has beveled edges and stepped rear with a faceted pan and graceful swan neck cock. There are remnants of some light geometric engraving with a martial panoply at the very rear stepped portion, the makers name no longer legible. The unbridled frizzen lays-over quite far, as seen on French arms in the pre-Revolutionary war era, the frizzen also being re-surfaced during the period of use, now cracked in three spots. There is a lightly chiseled faceted triggerguard with lightly engraved bow and heavy dual-strapped buttcap; the sideplate as well showed nice martial and scroll decorations, mostly now lost to the years. The highly figured walnut stock rates about good showing restoration, with some added varnish and likely a bit of sanding which has left most of the carved decorations soft, with the expected dings, repairs to cracks and the forestock showing a good-quality repair-restoration for its last 5 3/4'' left and right. The lock seems to function well and there is an antique iron ramrod is included. Overall this is a good to perhaps near very good example of a continental flintlock, long-length horse or holster pistol, of the type and style used on these shores in the ante-revolutionary period. (38746-3) {ANTIQUE} (1000/1500) Sold For 920.00

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