677. Unmarked Percussion Halfstock Sporting Rifle

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.42 cal, 34'' barrel with a bright excellent bore. The barrel is a mix of soft plum brown original maker finish, some light oxidation and toning to pewter, the muzzle turned for starter (none present), the top flat with a small scale where the pointer from a front sight would indicate windage movement left and right. There is currently an ''adapted'' front sight in place, which appears to have been made from a telescopic sight mount, having a very large circular halo around the simple sight blade proper. The patent breech shows some nice color case-hardening, the tang is unadorned and has an aperture rear sight affixed, appearing to be made of pewter or nickel silver, consisting of a long 2 1/2'' tube. The bar-under lock and lightly sculpted hammer are a pewter gray case-hardened patina and mostly smooth in character, also unmarked. There is a heavy pewter nosecap, simple triggerplate extension tapped for a palm rest (none present) and a dual spur triggerguard, one forward curving, one rearward swirl. There is a heavy iron buttplate in place and simple iron toeplate. The stock rates very fine with only a few very sparsely scattered light handling marks here or there and a nice left-side flared shadowline cheekpiece. The lock is single-acting and the double set triggers work well. What is likely an antique ramrod is included. (38937-173) {ANTIQUE} [Cletus Klein Collection] (1000/1500) Sold For 920.00

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