686. W. W. Marston Bar Hammer Percussion Pepperbox Pistol

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serial #146, .31 cal, 4'' six-shot barrel cluster with oxidized bores. The metal surfaces have toned to a pewter-gray patina overall showing a few spots of old pitting and brown freckling. There is a small 1 1/2'' repair on the left side of the frame above the sideplate and the screw heads show moderate slot wear. The frame is embellished with factory simple foliate scroll motifs, the barrel cluster and hammer are marked ''NEW YorK'', the hammer also with patent date and ''W.W. MARSTON'' and all of the markings remain clearly legible. The smooth walnut bag-shaped grips remain in about very good condition showing some shallow chips around the right escutcheon, dings and some flakes of original finish. The action still seems to function well mechanically and the barrel cluster is matching the frame by assembly number. Included is a more recent-production custom hardwood case showing some flaking finish and dings on the exterior. The interior features a number of compartments lined with green baize and holds an assortment of period accoutrements including a brass Colt's Patent dual-cavity bullet mould, small eagle powder flask, rather worn screwdriver, a number of lead balls, tin of percussion caps and one tin containing copper shot. Still an attractive antique ensemble. (138863-4) {ANTIQUE} (1000/1500) Sold For 862.50

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