78. Stunning Bavarian Underlever Double Rifle by Johan Adam Kuchenreuter of Regensburg

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Bore diameter is about .535 between lands and .565 between grooves, 26 5/8'' textured damascus barrels with bright excellent bores. This is an interesting rifle with both bores being the same or extremely close in diameter, the right barrel is right hand twist rifled with a 1.3'' chamber length while the left barrel is straight rifled with a 2.79'' chamber length. This is a lovely high grade rifle which has lots of condition and features a horn forward underlever action. The barrels are inlaid in gold on top of rib ''J. Adam Kuchenreuter in Regensburg'' with fancy silver scroll inlay adjacent to this marking on each barrel. The frame and back action locks are engraved in relief floral scroll with game scenes at center of stepped locks depicting a recumbent stag on right lock and recumbent hound on left. The right side of the butt has a patchbox that is generally oval in shape with a free form edge and a long slender hinged lobe running toward center of stock. This metal shows the same fabulous scroll and a nice scene of three roe deer, a recumbent roebuck, a standing roebuck and a fawn. In addition to the engraving, the stock is beautifully carved with fancy scrolls within the checkered panels and a fabulous scene to rear of cheekpiece which depicts a pair of Jaegers descending a mountain with a dispatched ibex laying on the ledge, one Jaeger on his hands and knees while the other descends a cliff bracing against the other's chest while carrying a dead roebuck. The condition of the rifle is wonderful with the barrels showing brilliant watered damascus pattern on all surfaces. The action and locks retain 98% plus original French gray finish with crisp engraving. The checkered straight grip buttstock is of European walnut with a large flared cheekpiece and fancy horn triggerguard which forms a pistolgrip. The stock rates excellent with 95% original finish overall and with sharp checkering and crisp carving. The horn guard shows some insect damage mostly along the edges but there are some pits within the guard as well. The hammers are non-rebounding and the firing pins are spring loaded. The rifle is sighted with a beaded short blade front, single standing and single folding rear barrel sight and the top tang has a peepsight which folds flush into the top tang. With the straight rifling, different chamber length and with only the front trigger (conventional rifled bore) being a set trigger, this is a Cape gun intended to shoot a single projectile in the right side and shot in the left, straight rifling being very much ''in vogue'' in 19th Century Germany. A truly fabulous rifle by this famous and prolific family of gunmakers and an wonderful example of the 19th century German gunmaker's art. (18937-245) {ANTIQUE} [Cletus Klein Collection] (4000/6000) Sold For 4830.00

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