86. Very Fine Cased Colt Model 1861 Navy Revolver

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serial #19715 all matching including wedge, .36 cal., 7 1/2'' round barrel with one-line New York address and a fair bore. This revolver is marked with a letter ''L'' above or below each of the serial numbers on the barrel, frame, triggerguard and backstrap. This ''L'' stamp indicates that this revolver was slated to export to England and indeed the revolver is British proofed and comes in a London casing with accessories. The condition of the revolver is excellent with the barrel retaining about 70% bright original blue with loss due mostly to flaking and with those flaked areas showing a pleasing smooth brown patina. The cylinder shows virtually all of its naval engagement scene and retains about 25% original blue finish with the balance flaked to a pleasing smooth brown patina. The frame shows about 80% original color case-hardened finish which remains vivid on the left side and is more faded on the right and taking on a pleasing pewter color. The iron backstrap retains about 80% bright original blue with a little scattered light flaking accounting for most of the finish loss. The triggerguard shows more flaking and retains perhaps 15% original blue with the balance being a gray brown patina. The one-piece walnut grip rates excellent with 95% original finish remaining and with just a couple light handling marks. The revolver comes in an original walnut English case with unmarked brass monogram plate on lid. The interior of the case is lined in blue baize and comes with accessories including a brass two-cavity mould, James Dixon powder flask, pewter oiler, Eley cap tin, wood handled cleaning rod, ''L'' shaped combination tool and some cast projectiles. The condition of the case is very good plus, the one interior lid appears to be period but doesn't fit quite right so it is likely from a different case. This is a very handsome cased Colt Navy that retains lots of original finish. (18817-20) {ANTIQUE} (7000/9000) Sold For 0.00

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