Proudly Featured in May Sale No. 126

The Lester L. Hull Collection

Lester Hull was born on March 5th 1929 into a family with a hunting heritage.    He grew up in Southport, Ct. in a large family of mostly brothers, and where an uncle was involved with the Sturm Ruger Co.   His very first gun was a Winchester .22 caliber pump rifle given to him by his uncle Stan, the seed that started a lifelong love of Winchester rifles; that gun still resides by Lester’s fireplace at his home.     Lester developed a keen eye for lever action Winchesters which became the focus of his 70 year collection.   He loves sharing his knowledge and love of Winchesters with whomever will listen. 

Lester served in the U.S. Army in Korea both in the infantry and with the military police.     He instilled love of country in his family and love of outdoor and shooting traditions in two of his daughters and a granddaughter.   They became smallbore competitors participating in local competitions and the Smallbore National Championships.   Lester is a proud life member of the NRA, a member of the VFW, American Legion, and the Masons, Moriah No. 15, N Brooklyn, Ct.   He spent many years shooting in Trap and Skeet competitions at the famous Lordship Gun Club in Stratford, Ct.    He also has enjoyed many years hunting, fishing, camping and seeing this country with his wife Peggy.   He has volunteered with the local Boy Scouts and still consults for local gun shops.  Lester now enjoys his hunting primarily on television.

His collection is the result of 70 years of searching all over New England, stopping at little shops along the side of the road.   His opening line was “Got any Winchesters?” any time he would venture into a new shop to search out his treasures.    It is Lester’s hope that each of his arms will go to a home that cherishes the traditions it represents, the work of the men who produced it, and the proud legacy of our founding fathers who knew the value of our right to keep and bear arms.  All of Mr. Hull’s items are identified in this sale by [Lester Hull Collection] at the end of each catalog description.