The Future of the Silent Auction

(and the end of printed Silent Auction Catalog)

We will continue to run a silent auction in conjunction with our live auction but it will be run differently than it has in the past.  Due to our investment in this new technology we will be running the silent auction as a separate online only timed auction.  This auction will end in conjunction with the live auction but after the live auction is completed so that customers who are participating in the live auction will have a chance to review their bids prior to the silent auction closing.  On single day sales we intend to close the silent auction on Sunday at 12:00 Noon Eastern time.  On two-day sales we intend to close the silent auction on Sunday night at 9:00 PM.

This Online Only Auction will be live online by Tuesday May 21 and can be found at

While change is hard for some, there are a lot of positive aspects to this change.  Perhaps the most positive change will be that bidders will be able to see what the bid is at and what the next bid is.  If you are winning an item and then get outbid, you will immediately receive and email notification so you can react if you so wish.  Another positive is that you will not have to bid blindly – there will be a starting bid on each item so you will know that any item with an active bid is going to sell.  The buyer’s ability to manage their bids and know what they are winning and what they aren’t in real time will allow them to more clearly focus their budget.  They will know how much of their budget is being used and if they are outbid on some items, they can redirect their attention and funds to other items.  With the catalog being online only and not printed we will be able to easily add additional photographs and our intention is to photograph a much higher percentage of the firearms and more valuable accessories.

This system will also make accounting and billing the sale much quicker and we should be able to get invoices out for both live and silent more swiftly after the sale.