Selling with Amoskeag

Selling your valued collection at our gun auction is one of the very best, most efficient, problem-free and lucrative ways of marketing your cherished items.  The process from start to finish is seamless, straightforward, low-pressure and all-encompassing.   Once you and a consignment representative have decided upon a merchandise pick-up, our DOT certified pick-up team will arrive at your location with all necessary packing material, gun cases, sleeves and rugs and start the packing and transportation process.  A detailed consignment agreement will be generated, listing each and every item taken for consignment, and a copy of that agreement will be provided to you as your receipt.  The items will be transported… fully insured at OUR expense… back to our offices in New Hampshire.   Upon arrival at our facilities, the receiving team will unpack and segregate your items where they are tagged and identified with your unique consignor number, ensuring that all your items remain identified to your consignment.  The items are then put into our staging area where our full-time, in-house catalogers will describe and catalog each lot, then off they go for photography prep and imagery.   The items cross the block during our gun auction and twenty business days after the sale you will receive your check along with a detailed settlement statement that lists each item sold by lot number, along with a short description and its hammer price.   The gross total is shown, any deductions for commission listed and the net total clearly delineated.  This twenty-day payment term is the swiftest in the firearms auction business and our commission is all inclusive with absolutely no hidden charges or additional fees for pick-up, cataloging, insurance or photography.   

Gun Auction Consignment

Amoskeag Auction Co. is very fortunate to have some of the finest catalogers in the firearms auction business.  Upon initiating contact, our representative will review your list of items, or in the case of those unfamiliar with the items, help you determine exactly what you have.  We can usually determine rough pre-sale estimates based on your list or images or both.  This helps us to determine a commission rate and helps you in deciding what specifically to market or sell. 

If our estimates are agreeable and you would like to move forward, we will quote a commission which is based on the mean value of the items you have to sell.  Once this is agreed upon, we can make arrangements to get the items to our facility.

Pickup and Transportation with insurance

We travel all over the U.S. picking up collections for auction.  We frequently have trucks on the road and will send email notifications to our clients when we have a trip planned in case they have a small consignment not worth a dedicated trip.  We also have shipped heavy duty cases to customers for them to package the guns in and then conveniently have the items picked up from their home by the carrier, usually UPS.

If you you would like to speak to us about consigment, please fill out the form below and one of our specialists will get back to you as soon as possible.

The Informed Consignor Guide