New Hybrid Auction!

We’re happy to announce our new hybrid auction! The hybrid auction is a combination of our two auctions: the Online Only Auction, which is held over a two week period where bidding takes place exclusively online, and our flagship Live Auction, which runs on a set day or two days and integrates phone bidding, floor bidding and online bidding. Combining the two auction styles allows users to actively keep track of their bids as well as providing the competitive excitement of a live auction.

How it Works:

Our new hybrid auction will run similarly to the Online Only auction with an added live bidding feature on the day the auction closes. It will run for a two week period with users pre-bidding and watching their lots during this time. After this two week period the hybrid will switch into a “Live Auction” mode where users will get a chance to bid against others in real-time. Starting at 9am on Saturday, May 30th the first lot will open at the current bid and stay open until no bids are entered for a ten second period. At the end of that ten second period the lot will close and the next lot will open. This process repeats itself until all of the lots are closed and the sale has ended. There is no auctioneer but the live timer countdown offers bidders that competitive excitement.

Unlike our regular live auction this sale is exclusively online. There are no live bidders, phone bidders, or third-party platform bidders. The sale runs solely through our Amoskeag Live platform. If you plan on bidding you can sign up for Amoskeag Live by following the link below and following the instructions. If you already have an account you can simply sign-in to participate when the auction is posted. Please contact the office if you have any questions!

Amoskeag Live

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