NRA Firearms For Freedom

Amoskeag Auction Co. is pleased to announce that we have partnered with the NRA to be the exclusive auction house for their NRA Firearms For Freedom program. As such, we will be selling firearms that have been donated to benefit the NRA with all of the proceeds going to support the NRA, NRA-ILA or one of the four separate 503(c)(3) tax deductible NRA affiliated organizations.

Guns donated to the program will be offered throughout the year and all items being sold to benefit the NRA Firearms For Freedom program will be labeled as such in their own sections of our regular live and timed auctions. From a buyer’s perspective, bidding on and buying donated guns will be no different than buying any other firearm in the auction, except for the knowledge that your purchase is helping to support the NRA and their unwavering protection of our Second Amendment. 

Amoskeag is excited about this new partnership, and we look forward to doing our part to support and protect our industry and America’s unique and robust firearms heritage. For more information about the NRA Firearms For Freedom program and how it can become a part of your legacy, please visit

A Sampling of the NRA Firearms For Freedom Items to be Offered in June

Superb Kurz Mauser Magazine Sporting Rifle in 250-3000 by Mark Silver
Lovely Cased Holland & Holland Royal Ejector Double Rifle in 240 H&H Magnum
Wonderful Cased Fraser Falling Block Sporting Rifle In 360 No. 2 & 7mm
Smith & Wesson Model 66-4 Performance Center Revolver in 357 Magnum
Excellent Cased John Rigby Magazine Sporting Rifle In 275 Rigby
Austrian Underlever Single Shot Sporting Rifle In 10x75mm By Johann Springer
Smith & Wesson Model 29-2 Revolver in 44 Magnum
Lovely Johann Peterlongo Mannlicher-Schoenauer Model 1903 Sporting Rifle
Smith & Wesson Model 629-2 Special “Mountain Lion” Edition Made for Ellett Brothers in 44 Magnum
Attractive Magazine Sporting Rifle In 22 Hornet By Franz Jaeger
Minty Smith & Wesson “357 Magnum” Revolver with Gold Box
Steyr Mannlicher Model 1908 Rifle with Full Checkered Rib and Special Sights in 8x56MS
Custom Smith & Wesson Model 28-2 by Nu Line Guns in 44 Special
Nice Underlever Single Shot Sporting Rifle In 22 Lr By George Gibbs
Colt Single Action Army Second Generation Revolver in 357 Magnum
Nice W.J. Jeffery Boxlock Double Ejector Rifle in .450/400 Express
Colt Single Action Army Bisley Model Frontier Sixshooter Revolver in 44-40
Fabulous Westley Richards Drop Lock Double Ejectorgun in 20 Bore
Smith & Wesson K22 Outdoorsman Revolver with Red Box
Virtually As-New Webley & Scott Model 701 Double Ejectorgun in 20 Bore
Colt Single Action Army New Frontier Revolver in 357 Magnum
Custom Springfield Model 1903 Sporting Rifle by Hoffman Arms in 30-06
Custom Colt MK IV Series 70 Government Model Pistol in 38 Super
Handsome German Heeren Patent Falling Block Rifle in 22 Hornet by Carl Grundig
Colt Single Action Army Revolver with King Sights in 45 Colt
German Drilling by Behr’s Waffen-Werke of Suhl 16 ga. over 9.3x72R
Colt Gold Cup National Match Pistol with Custom Features in 45 ACP
Holland & Holland Single Hammer Sporting Rifle in 360 No. 5 Rook
As-new U.S. Firearms Single Action Army Flattop Revolver
German Heeren Patent Falling Block Rifle In 22 Hornet By Carl Grundig