Online Bidding FAQ

I’m trying to register… why does it say my e-mail already exists?

When we introduced the Amoskeag bidding platform in March we made all customers who had been active in the past few years an account with their e-mail address as their username. If you have worked with us in the past five years but have not logged into your account please Reset Your Password or contact us for further assistance.

Why does it say “Contact Support” where I want to place a bid?

The “Contact Support!” message means that you are in a Pending Approval status. The system did not auto-approve you to bid due to an invalid credit card entry or mismatch of your billing address. You must contact the office to validate information and get a manual approval. 

Why does it say my credit card is invalid? I know it works because I use it all the time.

A few factors may trigger a pending approval:

  • The credit card number was typed incorrectly
  • The three or four digit security code was omitted
  • The billing address with the credit card company does not match that of your Amoskeag Profile

Please go to your profile and re-enter the information. Once you have double checked everything that is when you should contact Support by phone or e-mail.

How do I remove a bid?
Please contact the office if you need to remove a bid or lower a bid. This can only be done by administration. If you are unable to reach us by phone please e-mail . We will monitor this e-mail over the weekend that the online sale is closing.

Why won’t the system take my bid?

If the system is not accepting your bids please try switching to a different web browser. Especially if you are using Internet Explorer, which is no longer supported by most websites, including our bidding platform. Google Chrome, Firefox and Safari all work well. 

The system will also kick back a bid if it is under the current asking bid. 

When I type in my bid why isn’t it reflected as the current bid?

In the Online Only sales there are two options for bidding. 

Absentee Max Bid – you can enter a higher bid and click “Place bid!” This will put your Max Bid in, but it may not reflect that high amount, as the bid below yours is lower than your maximum bid. The system will only bring the current bid up to the “challenge bid” below yours and then will bid on your behalf until your max bid as other bids are entered. It may not go all the way up to your max bid if there are no competing underbids. 

Incremental Bidding – the top option where it says “Bid $400” is the amount you have to bid to beat the current bid.

Do I have to register for both Live & Online sales?

The auctions are separate entities so you do have to click “Register to bid” for both sales. Once you go through the first registration, the second one is much quicker. All you have to do is agree to the Terms & Conditions again.

Do I have to register each auction?

Yes. If you registered for Sale No. 122 but now are interested in sale No. 123 you do have to click “Register to Bid” again.

Do I have to create a new profile for each auction?

No! Please write down your username and password and use it every auction to Login.

What are the bidding increments? 

Please visit the section on our website “How to Bid” and you will find the increments for both the Live and Online sales.

How do I enter a phone bid?

For the Live auction if you are interested in registering for Phone Bids this must also be done by administration.