Consigning with Amoskeag is a simple and straight-forward process.  Our contract is uncomplicated and our terms are fair and easy to understand.  When you see a consignment agreement with paragraph after paragraph of fine print, remember one thing, those terms were written by an attorney that was paid to protect the interests of the auction company, not you.

Our service is very complete including initial review of any inventory that may exist.

Catalogs: Our catalogs are written by our full time, in house staff and are among the most detailed and accurate in the industry. We have strong relationships with many of the nations leading arms authorities whom we call on for consultation when necessary. We firmly believe that descriptions written by full time, in house professionals that have direct contact with the consignors prove more lucrative than descriptions written by paid outside contractors. All photography is done in our gallery studio utilizing the finest state of the art digital cameras and computer equipment. One day auctions mean your consigned items are featured more prominently, will garner more interest and subsequently more money, and are less apt to be lost in an array of catalogs.

Commission: Our commission rates are among the most competitive in the industry and are all inclusive with no upcharges for insurance, photography or any other of our many services.

Payment: In a business where 45, 60 and even 90 day payment terms are the norm, we are proud to say that we make full payment to our consignors within 20 business days from the date of the sale, the swiftest term in the industry. One of the main reasons auction houses take so long to pay is the credit they extend to many of their customers. At Amoskeag, your merchandise is kept safely in house until it is paid for.

Promotion: We advertise on a contract basis with the major collecting magazines and journals in America and abroad giving excellent exposure to your merchandise. We seek out specialty publications and collector club publications as necessary to provide maximum exposure of your goods. We also display at major gun shows throughout the country and keep in regular contact with our expansive list of active buyers.At Amoskeag, we understand that collectors want their items to be well cared for and marketed individually for maximum return. Recent advertising trends tout auction companies with large multi-day gross sales. We know that a consignor who had a ten thousand dollar gun sell for six thousand, doesn’t care that it was part of an auction that brought ten million.Our goal is a record that shows the largest number of satisfied consignors, not the highest grossing sale in the world.

The Informed Consignor Guide